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11-01-2015, 01:44 PM

Qanat or canal is a tunnel that is dug underground to lead water through. This tunnel is dug through a series of vertical wells and water is transferred from mother well (the first well dug in the ground and considered the source) gently and with a mild steep to the ground.
The technology of qanat grew in mountain and dry part of central Iran in early 1000 BC and using this way the farmers could farm in farther fields besides river’s water. In spite of the existence of water under the ground and in long distances, this technology caused the evaporation amount to decrease enormously and water current come to ground by gravity.
In qanat digging system, vertical wells which are also called mileh are used for dredging which also does the task of air ventilation. In the end water comes to the ground from somewhere which is also called the showing of the qanat. Based on presented statistics the number of active qanats in Iran was 36300 in 2010, and among them Zarch Qanat (between Yazd and Meybod), 2000 years old and 71 kilometers long has the title of the longest qanat in Iran. The only 2-floor qanat of the world is Ardestan’s Moon Qanat located in Isfahan which was built 800 years ago and water currents flow in two different floors. In Nain too, there are a series of restored qanats which can be visited if coordinated with the natives.