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10-26-2015, 11:00 AM
Iran Deserts
Lout & Central Desert of Iran
Iran Deserts: Around one fourth of Iran consist of Desert Regions, having been placed amongst the Northern Mountains or Alborz & the Central Range & the Eastern Mounts; the most famous of which, are Deserts of Lout & Kavir(360.000 km2).
In Iran, the Desert Regions, are devided into Central Desert, Small Desert, Rig-e Jen Desert, & Lout Desert.
Lout Plain: IN Geographical wrights, Dasht-e Lout has been named Chale/ Puddle of Lout, or Lout Plain; due to some similarities with Kavir Plain, amongst the masses it’s named Kavir/ Desert of Lout.
Lou Desert, a range between the provinces of South Khorasan, Sistan & Baluchestan, plus Kerman, has been placed between the Faults of Nehbandan in East & Nayband in West; the length of which from North to South is about 900 km, & from West to East around 300 km. The area of Lout Plain basin catchment, is around 175000 km2, equal to one tenth of the country area.
The first theory of geothermal pole in Lout, was introduced by professor Estratil of Vienna University, Austria. After air researches, he introduced the West of Nosrat Abad on Rig-e Yalan, as the warmest spot of the Earth. In the next years, that same place was confirmed as the Earth geothermal pole.
According to Nasa recorded map, on 2003, the highest recorded temperature (70.3 degree of centigrade) has been that of Rig-e Yalan, East of Lout. This temperature, was not repeated again, but from that year on(up to 2009) this spot has had the highest temperature of the Earth.environs; in inner parts or margins & or in some parts of seasonal/ temporary currents of which, desert fields has been shaped.