View Full Version : Tourists to live Iran’s life with new service

04-24-2016, 04:19 PM
A new report says Switzerland’s OrientStay has launched an Airbnb-style accommodation service in Iran for people to list, find, and rent lodging at a time when the Middle Eastern country is experiencing a tourism boom.

According to Press TV, its Director Mehrzad Khoi said on the sidelines of the second Europe-Iran Forum which opened in Geneva on Thursday the company has currently 200 flats on offer in nine cities across Iran only two weeks after beginning operation.
He said the plan is for people to come forward to add their properties to his company’s website.
OrientStay is only available to incoming tourists and not resident Iranians. He told the Guardian it offers an alternative to hotels and guesthouses booked through travel agencies and tour operators.
Khoi said “Our concept is to offer foreign tourists an authentic and real experience of Iran. We want them to see the real people, which is usually the biggest surprise for them.”
He added “We want foreign tourists to experience our way of life, our culture, and not as part of ready-made, 10-member tours. We don’t want them to just see the nice ancient monuments, we want them to see the people.”
Iran has a total of 1,500 hotels which are running short of accommodation as more foreigners want to visit.
The country’s hospitality market is immensely underdeveloped and the country is in need of brisk development of its tourism infrastructure in order to rise to the occasion.