View Full Version : Tourists' visit to Iran's Kerman Province more than doubled

04-24-2016, 04:33 PM
Some 8,000 tourists visited Kerman province in April and May 2015, making up for 55% growth compared to preceding period, head of provincial Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Office said on Wednesday.

According to Tasnim news agency, Mohammad Jahanshahi said that 16,000 tourists visited Kerman Province last year, compared with the preceding year when the figure was 12,000 making up for 35% growth.
He said that the curve of tourism of the province has been rising steadily, which is quite in line with the government's policy and the people have well recognized the emerging progress.
Jahanshahi said that in tourism field more important than quantitative growth of the statistics there is the qualitative improvement of the tourism facilities, such as the hotels and their services, and fortunately the private sector has done well in the field.
The provincial tourism officials said that the renovation and modernization of urban environment and facilities, too, during the past two years has been so eye-catching that is greater than the extent during the past 20 years, which is also the outcome of engaging the private sector in municipal services.
Kerman province has two historical monuments that are internationally registered, some 700 nationally registered sites and two monuments which are in process of international registration.