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10-26-2015, 04:18 PM
There lies a very beautiful mountainous lake under the shadow of the 2982-meter Baghroodagh between Ardebil & Gilan Provinces. Its altitude is about 2400 m & its area 200 acres. The deepest point of it is 5 m & its average depth is 2 m. Its water originates from springs around & snow melting in close mountainous areas. Neor is the biome of immigrant birds & one of its particularities is trout fish. It is also a place full of aquatic invertebrates specially a type of crustaceans called shrimp of sweat water, a type of leech, many types of insects like dragonfly & green gnat.
The thickness of ice here in winters amounts to 80 cm & destroys solved oxygen in water so causing lots of fish to die, just fish gathering around the northeastern spring of the lake may remain alive.
Aquatic plants & flora of this region with lots of yellow buttercup, corn poppy & a rare type of Lilly with black color have made the beauty of lake double as much. The place filled with thyme aroma, stachys lavandulifolia & yarrow calls human being for relaxation & unity with existence.