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11-07-2015, 05:00 PM

The complex of MIANDASHT CARAVANSERAI is located on the Silk Road, it's building is being renewed and efurnished to be used for other activities rather than their historical ones. The buildings is being turned to be used as a tourist complex, including hotels and cultural centers.

This CARAVANSERAI complex is located 105 Km east to city of Shahrood, between cities of Sharod and Sabzevar on the main road between Tehran and Mashhad, in the old Silk Road (Rahe Abrisham). This gives the road a great importance that has been obvious through out the history of region, and it has played a great role due to it's historical, cultural and pilgrimage characteristics. This complex is one of the largest carvanserai complex in Iran.

This complex, which is located inside the Dashte Kavir (the desert plate), contains an extraordinary buildings, including three CARAVANSERAI, three traditional water stores, one place for hours hosting, and one castle, with total area of 15000 square meters.

One of the CARAVANSERAI at this complex belongs to the Safavid era, and theother two belongs to the Qajar period. from the differentiation point of view regarding details of CARAVANSERAI buildings, indicates a specific type of CARAVANSERAI in Iran, which increases this complex's importance.

Additionally the specific geographical location, and it's situation between Touran Desert, to the south, and the Khush Yelaq woodland, to the north, has increased its natural beauty, including some wonderful landscapes, and its extremely cold weather, with snow fall in winter, and extremely hot summers have made it very special.