View Full Version : The Deserts of Iran

10-27-2015, 11:23 AM
The desert of Iran is a ring of a chain of deserts starting from Manchuria and Gobi stretching to Iran, Arabia, Libya, Sahara and western coastal parts of Africa.
With an area more than 100,000 sq km, Central Desert or Plain of Desert is the vastest desert of Iran and the world. It is an extensive kettle embracing an area from southern skirts of Alborz to Jandagh Mountain. National Park of Desert, one of the most valuable reserves of biosphere, is located in western part of this desert. Panther and Asian zebra are two types of the unique wild life of this park. Silk Road passing via the desert of Iran is eloquent of desert routes oldness and sequence in this region. Desert is very much similar to sea and sometimes it influences the eyes in the same way that the sea. Peace, silence, simple colors, simplicity, bareness and starry sky of desert nights are amongst the most fantastic manifestations of it.