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11-09-2015, 01:22 PM

About Iran:

Iran is a remarkable travel destination, it is so diverse in many aspects that almost anybody will love An Iranian travel. History lovers will find it hard to get enough of Iran, Architecture lovers will have a hard time choosing which cities to visit, nature lovers can enjoy the snow in one day and the sunbathe the next day and cultural lovers surely come back again and again
Iran has preserved its cultural routes and yet integrated them with modern aspects in big cities. If you’re a fan of a completely traditional or even rural life style, you can try our nomad tour, that allows you to live the life of Iranian nomad for several days. If you prefer fully equipped hotels for your stay, Iran also offers that. So don’t worry about your accommodations.
Iran’s image from abroad is quite different to what is really felt in Iran. Iran is very safe and in complete peace. Many tourist are surprised to find Iran in such tranquility. Many tourist specially their families back home have doubts before traveling to Iran but after their trip they are very glad they came. Tourist are highly respected and taken care of in Iran. Many tourist are also surprised with the number of people who can speak very good English.

Essential advice prior to Travel

The first most important factor concerning Iran travel is Iran visa. The second very important issue is money issues. Another fact about Iran that you may have noticed by now is that, you cannot book hotels or transportation tickets from outside Iran. Iran traveling center and other agencies can do your reservation prior to your trip, which we strongly recommend if your planning to visit through high seasons. Another issue that is important is hijab for woman and the dress code for men.

Money and Credit cards

Its also very important for you to be completely aware that Iran has no connection financially to other countries. Transactions are possible, but it is very expensive to send or receive money in Iran currently, in case of emergency it is always possible. But you should bring all the money you will need throughout your trip with you. Credit cards do not work in Iran, you cannot purchase anything with your credit card. So please try to calculate correctly, so you can have a relaxed trip.
We have currency exchange shops in city centers but you may not be able to find them on every corner. Shops may exchange for you but its safer and cheaper to have Iranian Rials with you. So please be aware of this fact, especially if your going to spend time in the country side.
Not all currencies can be exchanged with reasonable prices in Iran. Try to travel with international currencies. If not you may be forced for exchange on unreasonable exchange rates. American dollar, European Euro, English pond, Canada dollar, Australia dollar, Swiss Frank, Turkish lir, Saudi Rial, Chinese Yuan, Emirates Derham, Japanese Yen are among currencies you can exchange easily, but small exchange shops may only exchange limited currencies. American dollar and European Euro can be exchanges every where.

Hijab and Men’s dress code

Islamic republic of Iran, has regulated hijab compulsory for Iranians and all foreigners who enter the country. regardless of their religion, foreigners are expected to have hijab. Very simply said the notion of hijab is to cover a woman’s beauty from whom is not close enough to see the beauties. This means covering your body skin except your face, hands and feet up to the ankles should be covered and your clothes should not be tight. But don’t be scared, its not that tough or strict. A normal long sleeved cotton loose blouse that covers your hips and doesn’t have an open neck line is completely fine. a pair of non-tight pants that covers your legs and ankles is fine. you can wear long, non tight skirts also, but since you have to be careful of your skin not showing while sitting and standing, we recommend trousers. Your hair should also be covered, as long as you have a scarf on your head its acceptable. You dont have to tie your scarf , you can just keep it hanging on your head.
Although it may seem very inconvenient in spring and summer, it can be very suitable for the strong sun throughout the day. Please try to bring cotton or non-plastic fabrics cloths, if your traveling to Iran in warmer seasons, we would recommend light colors which are cooler. Specially for the scarf try not to bring slippery fabric, since it may fall on your shoulders frequently and become annoying.
For the men shorts are not acceptable, please bring trousers that cover your legs up to your ankles. Choose shirts and blouses that have sleeves, short sleeve is okay but sleeveless is not okay. We recommend cotton non-plastic fabric with light colors.

Routes and locations you can visit

Tourist are not limited to specified locations or routes. As any other country military locations are off limits-even for Iranians- but besides those, you can visit almost anywhere in the country. You can walk through the busy down town freely and visit the various natural beauties all over the country without any restrictions. But since Iran is a very vast country, there are areas-very few- we would not advise for anyone to go alone, even for Iranians, gladly those areas are not on usual routes.
If you’re an American, Canadian or British citizen you are obliged to be accompanied by a certified tour guide at all times. This law is strictly practiced to do not plan otherwise. Your guides will be usually very helpful and will accompany you even outside tour routes.

Road travel

Iran has very good country side roads. The main routes of the country are highways, secondary road are usually asphalt too but there are still small villages that don’t have asphalt roads. There are all range of vehicles available for traveling between cities, try to choose new cars or buses since older vehicles have higher accident rates.
In Iran driving is a bit different, if you get the hang of it, its quite easy but it’s a bit scary at first. If you wish to drive your own vehicle into Iran, you may be subject to Iranian customs and other regulations. There are special requirements for travelers wishing to bring motorcycles into the country. Contact the Iranian authorities for details well before you travel.
Although traveling by road is a bit time consuming, the country side is beautiful and worth the time.

Air travel

Iran is a vast country and if you plan to visit once and try to see the most of the country, air travel is the most convenient option. Air travel is relatively cheap in Iran. But due to international sanction on air fare, air lines don’t have the newest airplanes in our air fleet, but maintenance is taken very seriously. In the recent few year several private new airlines have also been established which has even made air travel easier and safer.
Budget air lines are still do not exist in Iran, last second tickets are the cheapest available, if any. On week days( saturday to wensday) last minute tickets can be found, but close to public holidays and week ends tickets can reach up to triple their normal prices. The best way of assured air travel is to book the ticket prior to the date, especially in high season. At Iran traveling center we can book your tickets prior to your visit with very reasonable fees.