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11-12-2015, 01:06 PM

Introduction: Asiyab Waterfall Asiyab kharabe or Kharaba Dayirman (The destroyed mill)(Persian:آبشار آسیاب خرابه ‎)

Asiyab Kharabeh (Mill ruins), one of the tourist sights and the East Azerbaijan province and the city of Jolfa few kilometers of the border with Azerbaijan Republic is located.

This cheery mall about 27 kilometers Hadishahr city is located in a secondary road located in the beautiful valley.

This beautiful clear water from mountain springs Kiamaky one long mountain region west Dyzmar Arasbaran and Marand city and be part Zenouz originates in a very grown fig trees embodies spring water and the beautiful waterfall that is perhaps unparalleled in Iran as a string to the continuous channel flow will be towards the valley.

All surfaces covered with moss and waterfall wall aquatic plants and landscapes created the heart is controversial.


Location: Jolfa in Azerbaijan Province

Days of trip: (Without air plane) 3 Days from Tehran to Tehran (Without heavy traffic you need About 12-14 hr driving from Tehran to Jolfa- 765 km)
Attention: In holidays there is heavy traffic in all roads around Tehran.

Best time to visit: Spring and Summer (April up to August)is the best time.other season is very cool.

Daily time visit: No Limit

Difficulty level:

Requirements: (Depend on your plan) Guide or GPS track, water, food, warm and waterproof clothes and tent

Legal permission need: No


Overall risk: -

Animal risk: No

Lost risk: No

Rescue: Yes, you can call 115

GSM Mobile Antenna: in some region Yes


Hotel: In Jolfa Yes

Shop: In Jolfa Yes

Gasoline: In Jolfa Yes



How to get there:
1- Go to Baihaghi or west terminal of buses in Tehran (more info), Also you can use train.
2- Take a bus ticket to Tabriz or Jolfa.(Distance from Tehran to Jolfa is 765 Km)
3- Take a taxi to the Asiyab kharabe Waterfall .(Distance from Jolfa to Asiyab kharabe Waterfall is 30 Km)

Nearest airport: Tabriz airport, Jolfa Airport ( Commissioning)

Nearest train station: Jolfa station