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Choghakhor Wetland-Choghaakhor Marsh- Talab e Choqakhoor- Mordab e Choghakhour-Choghakur-Choqakhur-Choqakhour (Persian:تالاب چغاخور)

Choghakhor Wetland is located 65 km off Shahr-e Kord, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari province. Kelar Mountain Ranges are at the southwest of this wetland.

Spread over 11,500 hectares, it is one of the largest wetlands of Iran. It is at height of 2,000 meters.

Thousands of indigenous and migratory birds exist in this natural habitat annually.

Choghakhor is a place for reproduction of waterfowls particularly Mallard Duck and Pochard.

It has mountainous and moderate climate. It is considered a summer resort. The wetland water is supplied from rain and snow as well as springs surrounding Kelar Mount. The vegetation includes wet species which are adapted to waterlogged conditions.

The no-hunting zone of the wetland extends over 2,500 hectares. Five rangers prevent poachers from illegal hunting.


Location: Shahrekord City,Chahar Mahal-o-Bakhtiari" Province

Days of trip: (Without air plane) 2-3 Days from Tehran to Tehran (Without heavy traffic you need About 8 hr driving from Shahrekord City and then 1-2 hr to Choghakhor Wetland)
Attention: In holidays there is heavy traffic in all roads around Tehran.

Best time to visit:April and May is the best time.
(By the first snow the road of this village cover whit several meters of snow until spring, so it is not possible to go)

Daily time visit: No Limit

Difficulty level: Moderate

Requirements: (Depend on your plan) Guide or GPS track...

Legal permission need:No


Overall risk: -

Animal risk:Depend on your plan

Lost risk:No

Rescue: Yes, you can call 115

GSM Mobile Antenna:in some region Yes


Hotel: In Shahrekord City Yes

Shop: No

Gasoline: in the way Yes


How to get there:
1- Go to Baihaghi or South terminal of buses in Tehran .
2- Take a bus ticket to Shahre Kord.(Distance from Tehran to Sharekord is 543 Km)
3- Take a taxi from Shahre Kord to Choghakhor Wetland.(Distance from Shahre Kord to Choghakhor Wetland is 60 Km)

Nearest airport: Shahrekord airport

Nearest train station: No station less than 100 km

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The Choghaakhor marsh covers an area of over 2300 hectares and is one of the most beautiful and largest marshes of this region, which is situated sixty kilometers from the provincial capital, Shahr-e Kord, and en route Shahr-e Kord to Khuzestan Province. This marsh is home to rare animal species and has been declared as a protected region by the Environment Protection Organization as of the year 1999. The “Kalaar” Mountain is located in southwest region of this province and looms over this marsh. The pinnacle of this mountain measures 3820 meters above the sea level. The marsh is coupled with a meadow, which covers an area of almost 700 hectares. This region maintains a humid weather, with moderate summers and chilly winters, and is considered as a summer quarter in this province. Fifty-Eight different plant and animal species exist in this marsh, which is environmentally of paramount importance, while its coastlines turn into a tourist attraction site in the summer season.