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11-16-2015, 11:57 AM

Kafeh Lake of Khonje Fars-Daryache Khonj(Persian:دریاچه کفه خنج ‎)

Kafeh lake of Khonj is located in Fars Province. The measurement of this city is about 130 kilometers square and is near to the Khonj town ship. Kafeh means plain without slope in local language. There is much water during season raining in Kafeh Khonjand changed to the lake. The reason of this name is because of sheep herd stranded especially white sheep during spring season raining.


Location: Khonj-Shiraz City-Fars Province

Walking path length: Depends on your plan

Days of trip: 3 Days from Tehran to Tehran (Without heavy traffic you need 12 hr driving from Tehran to Shiraz and 2-3 hr to Kafeh Lake of Khonj)

Best time to visit: Spring is the best time.

Daily time visit: No limit

Difficulty level: Easy

Requirements: No

Legal permission need: No


Overall risk: -

Animal risk: No

Lost risk: No

Rescue: you can call 115

GSM Mobile Antenna: Yes


Hotel: in Shiraz City Yes


Shop: in Shiraz City Yes

Gasoline: in Shiraz City Yes


How to get there:
1- Go to Baihaghi or south terminal of buses in Tehran
2- Take a bus ticket to Shiraz(Distance from Tehran to Shiraz is 931 Km )
3- Take a taxi from Shiraz to Khonj(Distance from Shiraz to Khonj is 290 Km )

Nearest airport: Shiraz airport

Nearest train station: Shiraz station

11-16-2015, 11:57 AM