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11-18-2015, 10:56 AM

Introduction: The Rig-e Jenn (ریگ جن) is a vast area of sand dunes in the middle of Dasht-e Kavir (دشت کویر), Iran's central desert in the border region of the Semnan (سمنان) and Isfahan (اصفهان) provinces. It was not traveled by the old caravan travelers, who believed it is a place where evil spirits live. Even today some in the neighbouring towns and villages believe this. Sven Hedin, the famous desert explorer avoided this area in his 1900 explorations to Iranian deserts. Alfons Gabriel crossed the southern 'tail' of it on his way from Ashin to Aroosan in the 1930.
Due to the size of the desert, its lack of any water source, and of course the intense heat, Rig’e Jenn is considered one of the most difficult areas to cross and remained untouched by human.


Location: North west of Khur city, north of Chupanan city, west of Jandagh city, Isfahan province.

Walking path length: -

Days of trip: 3 or 4 Days from Tehran to Tehran

Best time to visit: November to March

Daily time visit: No limit, but in summer it is very hot.

Difficulty level: depends on your plan

Requirements: Guide or GPS track, water, food, warm and waterproof clothes and tent, satellite phone, headlamp

Legal permission need: No


Overall risk: -

Animal risk: There are few number of wild animals like snake, scorpion which are active in hot seasons.

Lost risk: Yes

Rescue: Yes, you can call 115 but rescue teams need a long time to find you.

GSM Mobile Antenna: No


Hotel: No hotel in the path.

Village: No village in the path, just Ashtian village in the south

Shop: No shop in the path.

Gasoline: No gasoline in the path


How to get there:
1- Go to South terminal of buses in Tehran
2- Take a bus ticket to Khur-o-biabanak (خور و بیابانک)
3- Get off bus in Khur or Chupanan (9 hours in bus)
4- Take a taxi from Khur to Jandagh or west of jandagh (this desert covers vast area around these cities and villages)
5- Start walking
6- Get back by taxi.
7- Get a bus Tehran

Nearest airport: No airport less than 100 km

Nearest train station: No station less than 100 km

11-18-2015, 10:56 AM