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11-18-2015, 12:24 PM

Introduction:Rayen Waterfall-Rayen Abshar-Raien Waterfall-Rhine Waterfall

The rural areas at the foot of Hezar Mountain offer a pleasant weather and scenic waterfall to visiting tourist in spring and summer.Rayen because of having the monument “Rayne’s castle”, natural waterfall sceneries, several springs originating from Mt. Hezar, 1000-year old planes, 400-year old cypresses, volcanic mountains, spas and the holly shrine of 3 descendants of Imams (Imamzadeh) is considered an important area for both touring and pilgrimage.
The most important attraction of this ancient city is its historical castle. This castle which covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, is a valuable heritage and a cultural historical wealth which hosts thousands tourists each year.

http://www.kerman-info.ir (http://www.kerman-info.ir/)


Location: Kerman province.

Walking path length: No

Days of trip: 3 Days from Tehran to Tehran

Best time to visit: No Limit

Daily time visit: No limit

Difficulty level: Easy

Requirements: Guide or GPS track

Legal permission need: No


Overall risk: No

Animal risk: No

Lost risk: No

Rescue: You can call 115

GSM Mobile Antenna: No


Hotel: In Kerman Yes

Shop: Yes

Gasoline: Yes


How to get there:
1- Go to South terminal of buses in Tehran
2- Take a bus ticket to Kerman( Distance from Tehran to Kerman is 989 Km)
3- Get off bus in Kerman(10 hours in bus)
4- Take a taxi from Kerman to Rayen( Distance from Kerman to Rayen castle is 100 Km)
4- Take a taxi from to Rayen Waterfall

Nearest airport: Kerman airport

Nearest train station: Kerman station