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Introduction:Meighan Wetland-Miqan Wetland-Meyghan

Meighan Wetland, a diamond in the heart of desert

These days Meighan wetland, one hundred acres in the desert north of Arak, gave us a beautiful face from the sun and coolness and purity. Meighan Desert physically, is responsible for air and water flowing in Arak. This wetland area is located in Farahan probe rainy season and dry season in the swamp comes into salt marsh. Marn and clay soils of this region are humid and becomes soft in the rainy weather. When humidity is low power, water evaporation increases.

In lake water salinity due to salt domes and classes will be formed. The lake surface is covered with layers of salt and from a distance it looks like snow. The beauty of this lake at all the day, specially during sunrise and sunset is amazing and its effects will amaze any viewer.

In the lake due to salinity, salt domes, and classes will formed

Hearing the birds singing and tumble wild animals

Hearing the birds singing and flying them in this desert is the interesting part of tourism in the Meighan wetland, there are some wild animals like wolves and foxes and snakes, and some rare examples of Gharahdagh and Aterplix amidst the green foliage, this desert is spectacular effect.

By walking through the pond, we see thousands of migratory birds such as crane, blue ducks and flamingos, and surprise people to see more. Meighan Wetland is like a bowl of water falling over 5000 square feet.

Flying of 30,000 birds in wetland

This wetland due to salt compounds sterilize the entered water and clean the air of Ark. The pond water, in case of rain increases about 30000 m. those who have seen the sunset of the lake, and who have heard the birds singing, won’t forget the astonishing beauty of the lake.

Two thousands years of life in the wetland waiting for tourists

According to expert’s opinion, a two thousands year old Meighan wetland’s background which is due to old age, is the habitat of migratory birds from Siberia. This wetland is an important habitat for migratory birds in the center of the country. There is an unique species of plants and unspoiled landscape in this region. It has the ability to comply with environmental standards, is receptive to many tourists and nature enthusiasts.


Location: 15 Km away from Arak City, Markazi province.

Walking path length: Depend on your plan

Days of trip: 1 Day from Tehran to Tehran

Best time to visit: November-October For Birdwatching

Daily time visit: No limit

Difficulty level: Moderately Easy - Depend on your plan

Requirements: Guide or GPS track...Depend on your plan

Legal permission need: Yes


Overall risk: -

Animal risk: There are few number of wild animals like snake, scorpion which are active in hot seasons.

Lost risk: Depend on your plan.

Rescue: Yu can call 115.

GSM Mobile Antenna: in some region Yes.


Hotel: No hotel in the path, just hotels in Arak

Village: No village in the path.

Shop: No shop in the path, just at the beginning

Gasoline: in Arak City Yes


How to get there:
1- Go to South or west terminal of buses in Tehran
2- Take a bus ticket to Arak(Distance between Tehran to Arak is 280 Km)
3- Get off bus in Arak(4 hours in bus)
4- Take a taxi from Arak to Meyghan salt lake(Distance between Arak to Mighan Wetland is 15 Km)
5- Start walking
6- Get back by taxi.
7- Get a bus from Arak to Tehran

Nearest airport: Arak airport

Nearest train station: Arak station

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