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11-18-2015, 12:43 PM
Introduction: Sufi Chai (river Safi)

from the southwestern slopes of Mount Sahand and permanent snow melt and heavy mountain valley especially Bamydz stems.
The river flows north and south, all land in farms and gardens can be watered Maragheh city
Bonab it is in the south.
Sufi chai on the premises located at 21 kilometers northeast of kamelabad complete Maragheh, 11 meters wide and 65 meters high, there. This section is now filled with sediments.
trout are in the river significantly. In the Maragheh output in Tabriz railway track - The Sufi Chai Maragheh two beautiful bridge is constructed.



Location: Sufi Chay is a river in northwest Iran, flowing into Maragheh and Bonab, which finally meets the Lake Urmia.