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Name of Persian Handicraft : Pateh-Pate-pateh of kerman-Pateh Douzi-Pateh Doozi-Pateh Duzi


Pateh is one of the traditional arts, which is specific to Kerman. Kermani women use colorful threads on a wide piece of cloth, which they call “Ariz (meaning “wide” in Persian)” to make this scarf which is then decorated with very beautiful designs, and exhilarate any person loving arts.

pateh kermanTree, aigrette, pine, peacock, cypress, and armband are major patterns which are used to weave patehs. Pateh is woven in various types and sizes, including a size suitable to be used by brides to put their things in it. Some of them are big enough to be spread at tables, to decorate them.

Pateh is a kind of Iranian needle-works. Color and weven strings are sewed in the wide cloth are Shawl in the designs of Bute, Sarv and Toranj which created beautiful designs that are the result of endeavor of hard-working girls and woman of Kerman.

Pateh consists of two parts; the background of the Shawl named Ariz and the colorful and wooly spinners that called Pateh. Both cloth and spinner are wooden and provided in different colors. Pateh is made only in Kerman moreover, sewing Pateh is current in all township and villages around Kerman province particularly in Sirjan and Rafsanjan.

pateh kerman

These designer have root in the Iranian culture and civilization. One of the most beautiful “Patehs” which has a unique sewin is the cover of Shah Nematollah Vali tomb. It has been sewed in 1285 Ah. It is the result of two year enduring work of sixteen woman of Kerman on a cloth at 355cm in length and 210cm in width. Of course there are other samples of this art throughout Kerman.

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