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11-19-2015, 11:11 AM
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Name of Persian Handicraft : Mosaic Tile


The combination of blue, white, turquoise and green when it is based on Arabesque designs, builds a magnificent sight. It's so fun to watch and the role and provides peace of mind, lay down in a trance.

The tile mosaic of the traditional tile products is predetermined according to the traditional design can be cut.Thecutpiecesare puttogetherin stages.Mosaic tiles in mosques and religious sites and monuments are remarkably useful.

According to experts, mosaic tile in Ardabil, a record has more than twenty centuries.After the decline of the arts industry in the same period, with the rise of the Safavid dynasty in Iran in vogue again.Ardabil, for some time been the capital of the Safavids.

Now, after centuries of stagnation, "Haji Rasool Dybakar" discipline craftsman have a name, a new life in the body of this field is blown.

"Haji Rasool Dybakar" in different parts of Iran and some neighboring countries to create beauty and elegance is in them.

With modern methods of processing, and use of modern tools and new ways of coloring tiles, there are significant changes in its intrinsic nature and origin is not.

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