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    Kerman Kalouts

    The central Lut is the vast part in the Lut desert that contains the lowest part of the desert. There are several Kaluts in this region that are extended from the center Lut to the west. They are the most beautiful natural phenomena. They are unique and cant be found in any desert of the world.

    They located in 40km east and north-eastern of Shahdad, they have generated by the extreme soil and water erosion and extended from north-west to south-east. The “Kaluts” have covered a part of the west fringe of Lut desert with the average width of 80km and average length of 145km. There is little vegetation in the desert region.

    “Shahdad” A hundred kilometers to the city of Kerman to the legendary “Kalut” 40 km away. This area of the Geologists’ poles geothermal “is known. Kalut the legendary city of 11 thousand square kilometers and a distance of only 40 kilometers shahdad and about 20 thousand years ago, with water and wind erosion, there is.

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    SHahdad Kalouts, Kerman


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    Kalouts at night, Kerman

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