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Thread: Hormuz Island

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    Hormuz Island

    Hormuz Island also spelled Hormoz, is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. Located in the Strait of Hormuz, 5 miles off the Iranian coast, the island is part of Hormozgān Province.Hormuz Island has an area of 42 km2 (16 sq mi). It is covered by sedimentary rock and layers of volcanic material on its surface. The highest point of the island is about 186 metres above sea level. Due to a lack of precipitation, the soil and water are salty. Specialists have helped cultivar white mangrove or Hara trees to grow in the climate. Due to the lack of fresh water, Iranian engineers have constructed a water pipeline from the mainland.

    The Museum and Gallery of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian in Hormuz Island

    The Museum and Gallery of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian in Hormuz Island shows the works of this artists who is internationally known as one of the most active environmental artists. Now most of Nadalian works are scattered across the earth. His environmental art projects, include the carving of rocks that can be found in many countries. Before the establishing art center the people who addicted to alcohol and drug used this space. In March 2009, the Paradise Art Centre on Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf was established here.
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