About Cultural attractions
Cultural attractions of Kerman province including handcrafts, local clothes, local music and theaters are considered as tourism attractions in the region. Kerman culture is a combination of Balooch, Zoroastrian and Kermani cultures. Carpet is the most famous handcrafts in Kerman province.

Kerman carpet is famous in Iran and world. Handcrafts of the province are as follow: Carpet, coppersmith, Glim,Jajim, Pateh, and so on.

Local Clothes
Clothes are divided into three groups in Kerman Province: Local, Baloochi and Zoroastrians clothes. Women's local clothes are Charghad(Scarf), Chador Abayi (Veil), Picheh, Chaghchoor, Shaliteh, lantern shaped dress, Piran(Shirt), Yal and local foot wears. Men's local clothes are felt hat, Amameh, shirt, Ghaba, Sardari, Jeligheh, waist scarf. They put a local shoes called "Giveh".

Local Music
Music always has been one of the national arts in Iran. One of the most important characteristics of Iranian music is improvise. It is implemented by music instruments such as: Tar, Shetar, Kamancheh,Reed ans Santoor. Kerman region is combination of three cultures Balooch, Kermani and Zoroastrians. Each of them has special local music.