About Social Attractions

West Azarbaijan is one of the most important and attracting of Iran. Due to existence of Various Tribes suchas Azari, Kurd and Armenians, this region is a exhibition of social attractions. Despite of cultural similarities, different tribes of the province hold ceremonies and celebrations in different ways. various local food are made in this region.


Local In most parts of Province there are nomads and tribes who protect their customs, lifestyle, music, poems, local foods and clothes. Nomads with special lifestyle are one of the most important social attractions in the province.

Ceremonies and customs

There are different cultures and religious in this province which have special customs and ceremonies. Marriage ceremony often is held in autumn. In these ceremony people put local cloths and dance by local music. Like other province, people hold New Year ceremony in this region. They clean their home and adorn "Haft Sin" napery. Also they have special ceremony in the "Yalda" night ( Yalda is the longest night of the Year). Armenians of this province perform this ceremony 10 days before.
Religious ceremonies also are held in this province. For example Qorban, Fetr and Sha'ban feast. Christians and religious minor groups have special customs.

Local foods

According to the different tribes, various local foods are baked in this province. These foods are as follows: local Ab goosht, Dolmeh, contused meat, spinach omelet, tomato soup, pickles, confection, breads and salads.


People of west Azarbaijan are Aryan. Tribes such as Azari, Kurd and Armenians reside in this region. They have protected general characteristics of Achaemenians, Sassanid and Ashkani eras.