About Social Attractions

Social attractions are important parts of tourism attractions of Boushehr Province. Although there are not local nomads in this province but some Qashghayi Tribes live in this region for seven months of the year. Various ceremonies and celebrations are held with special music and poems in Boushehr Province. Due to existence of various customs and celebrations this region can be called "the land of customs and celebrations " .


Visiting nomads' lifestyle is one of the most important social attractions for tourists. There are not integrated nomads in Boushehr region, but some of Qashghayi Tribe live in this region for several months in the year. Shesh Bolouki, Darreh Shoori and Farsimandan tribes stay in Boushehr for seven months.

Ceremonies and customs

These ceremonies are divided into religious, national and local ceremonies. Birthday of the Prophet of Islam and 12 Imams, Fetr, Qorban and Qadir feasts are religious ceremonies that are held in this province. Fetr feast is called "Talkhak" feast in this region. Noruz (New Year) is the most important national ceremony that is held in this region like other regions of Iran.

Local Foods

Due to proximity to the sea and limited opportunities for farming, fish and prawn play important role in local foods of Boushehr. Qelyeh is the most common foods in the region. "Qelyeh" is a Arabic word and means : a food made by meat. In coastal areas Qelyeh means prawn and fish Stew. Qelyeh has various kinds.the most important foods of the province are as follows:
spinach Qelyeh, eggplant Qelyeh, carrots Qelyeh, Fish Qelyeh, Prawn Qelyeh, baked fish, cabbage stew, green beans stew, fish&rice, potato food, Fasolia Food,… .


Race of Boushehr people is a composition of Aryan, Sami, African and Boushehri races. Before Aryans residency in Boushehr, local races lived in this region. Due to documents related to Stone Age, other races such as negro, Sami, Ilamite and Arab lived in this regon.