Located in central Iran, Yazd is the hub of caravan routes that connected Isfahan, Kerman, Shiraz, Mashhad and later, Central Asia, India and Iraq. Crossroads shopping trips, Yazd is also at the crossroads of two worlds, set in the foothills of a high mountain range, from which it gets its water from qanats, it is also on the edge of Kavir desert, a sandy sea and salty silt. Bride of the desert city of solitude, Yazd was a Zoroastrian sanctuary, a refuge of the Sufis and scholars, a city of piety and faith.Tourist attractions of yazd-Amir chakhmagh tekyeh
-Imamzadeh jafar yazd
-Badgirs of yazd
-Khan-e lari
-Alexander’s prison
-Bagh-e dolat abad
-Zoroastrian sites
-Towers of silence